Daniel Heath


Espalier Welsh Slate Tiles

£75.00/ per tile

Reclaimed Welsh Roof Slates are re-purposed for interior and exterior wall adornment. Presented in shingled formations, the each Slate Tile is etched with Daniel’s ‘Espalier’ design series, inspired by a system of growing fruit trees horizontally. Jays swoop and perch in between gnarled apple branches ripe with fruit. Each tile can be added to the next and the pattern built up in sections. Choose from end, central and connecting Branch, Jay and Apple Branch and Swooping Jay and Elderflower Tiles which are flexible in orientation.

Size: approx. (h) 450mm by (w) 250mm per tile

Trade pricing available on request.

Browse the FAQ’s and Espalier Slate Tiles Specification Guide here.



Material: Reclaimed Welsh Roof Slate.

Provenance: Sourced in the British Isles, made in East London, hand and machine crafted.


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