Daniel Heath

Material Care




Because we value tradition and craft, each material we work with is different and made to order, meaning the product you have purchased will be truly individual. This also means there may be minor ‘imperfections’ in their surfaces, which we feel add to their individuality and charm. Read on to find out more on how to care for the materials we work with. If you require samples please feel free to contact us stating what colours of Wallpaper you would like. We also provide samples of Slate Tiles and printed Iroko.


And print...


Our Astoria and Apollo tables are finished with a natural durable lacquer to protect the intricate pattern design printed onto the top surface of the table. To care for your table and to keep it looking good for years to come, clean it only with furniture polish or a damp cloth. We do not recommend using products that contain bleach or solvents to clean these tables. Use a coaster under hot drinks or plates.



Astoria Coffee table



Our mirrors are old and come with all the markings and patina that adds character to these unique pieces. Clean them with glass cleaner and a soft cloth to keep them looking as they do for many more years to come.



Taxidermy Birds Antique Wall Mirror




All our screen-printed wallpapers are printed using pigment binders that provide a durable finish onto luxurious china coated wallpaper. However, it is advised that special care is taken during its application. If in doubt, employ a professional. It is recommended that wallpaper paste is applied to the wall firstly, with a small amount applied to the back of the paper. Use a clean, dry cloth to smooth the wallpaper into position. Do not wet or dampen the front of the wallpaper where possible. All our wallpapers are British made class A fire rated wallpaper which passes European and US fire regulations recommended for commercial spaces.


Amazing Jumbo Wallpaper in Olive



Our slate comes with a patina that is time-worn, with each piece featuring a signature formation of imperfections. Our slate surfaces are sealed with a finish to preserve them in their current state. To clean the slate, simply use hot soapy water and household furniture polish. We do not recommend using products that contain bleach or solvents to clean this surface.


Espalier Slate Tile