Daniel Heath

Large Family Kitchen, Kensal Rise


Daniel’s Espalier Etched Slate Tiles make the perfect backdrop to this eclectic kitchen for a high-end family home in Kensal Rise, London. Grouted in and around details such as sockets and shelves, this natural surface comes with its own timeworn patina and is available per square meter. The tiles are sealed with a water repellent coating that helps to protect the surface. Each tile can be added to the next, and the pattern built up in sections, creating a non-repeating composition unique to each individual space. Also complementing the scheme is Taxidermy Birds Wallpaper in navy blue, applied on accent wall areas.


About Espalier Etched Slate Tiles

Reclaimed Welsh Roof Slates are re-purposed for interior wall adornment, instead of heading to landfill. We clean the surface and etch into the surface to create an array of unique pattern designs. The tiles reflect an approach to a healthier circular economy of manufacturing in design; an alternative system in which products and materials are kept in a high-value state of use for as long as possible.


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