Daniel Heath





We believe in working with materials to make our interior surfaces, furniture, and textiles, that have a sense of permanence and history already woven in. All our products are either salvaged or responsibly sourced from other British manufacturers as we feel they embody a high quality and value we are passionate about maintaining. When it’s possible our products use locally sourced British materials, such as our natural Linen from Lancashire which is used in our cushion and bespoke fabrics.




Because we value tradition and craft, each product we make is different and printed to order, meaning the product you purchase will be truly individual. This also means there may be minor ‘imperfections’ in the design, which we feel add to its individuality and charm. The intrinsic value of salvaged materials is they are finite and by enhancing the surfaces with contemporary processes such as laser etching they become even more unique, keeping them in circularity for longer. For more information please consult our Material Care page.