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100 Rolls of Limited Edition Wallpaper help back our Kickstarter Campaign!

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100 Limited Edition Anniversary Wallpaper rolls for 10 years of Craft Making by Daniel Heath Studio

Our aim is to make highly crafted wallpaper for more people to afford, a project that William Morris would be proud of!

In creating this Kickstarter campaign we have decided to make a limited edition run of one of our most sought after wallpaper designs, High Wire.

Our aim is to make highly crafted wallpaper for more people to afford. We believe that everyone should own a piece of design craftsmanship in their homes, and wallpaper is a great way of adding something unique to a favourite space.

We want to generate the orders for this exclusive wallpaper before we get it manufactured, limiting the potential waste. Each roll will be numbered 1- 100. And will be extremely limited edition. The wallpaper is a standard width of 52cm / 20.5 inches.

Over the past 10 years we have been making high value made to order products, including artisan wallpapers, hard surfaces and furniture design all in the UK.

At the forefront of our designs is drawing and narrative imagery. We screen print my designs and make everything by hand. Time and value are invested into every single piece that’s made and leaves our studio.

Hours and days are spent drawing out the illustrative designs and often they connect to a time or a place or an experience. Our design High Wire was born out of a personal fascination with the circus. The design offers a feeling of escape and is loved by many around the world. We’ve sold this wallpaper to people in Sweden, Japan, Germany and the US, on a very bespoke basis.

We have a strong belief in limiting wastefulness in design, and only produce wallpaper when its needed. Over our 10 years of making, all my wallpaper has been made to commission and we have never made a stock of any of my products. You order we make. It’s simple.

We will be printing our wallpaper with a roller printer with a British based manufacturer. This allows our wallpaper to be created in an ethical, high quality way that’s as good as our screen-printed wallpapers. The result is highly crafted wallpaper that’s affordable for the general public that still has the design quality installed in it of a bespoke Daniel Heath product.  But we need investment and backing to make it happen…..

We need a minimum backing of £1500 to pay the company to make and print 100 rolls. So as an incentive we are offering this wallpaper at a very limited edition price of £75 per roll. (normally they are £250 per roll when printed by hand and retailed), and if you fancy learning how to screen print your own wallpaper by hand – that’s also up for grabs!

Please pledge to make our kick-starter campaign happen! Own your own limited edition wallpaper, for a more affordable price and support localised British manufacturing. Support me and own your own piece of wallpaper wonder and craftsmanship!

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Starts off as a drawing


High Wire Wallpaper