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NEW British Botanical Slate Tiles

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British Botanical Slate Collection ~ conceived at home during lockdown, this collection is an ode to local flora and materials.

A new surface and design collection by Daniel Heath Studio designed and made during lockdown 2020. Daniel drew and sketched many plants from his garden as a form of direct inspiration. Working with reclaimed London roof slate from a local salvage yard in Wanstead, each individual slate tile was delicately laser engraved within a couple of miles from the site, with a new imagery style Daniel developed while in isolation. 

With a more realistic, deeper engraving that previous slate collections, plants including Euphorbia PasteurisArchillea Gold Plate, Sanguisorba are arranged in free-flowing composition echoing the natural growth of the planted beds. 

 A traditional overlapping shingled layout was applied to the designer’s new home studio’s exterior walls in Walthamstow, hidden at the bottom of the garden, amongst the plants, also built during the lockdown period. A quiet solace and a place to draw, the new studio adapted a redundant area in the garden.

“During the spring/summer lockdown period, I took inspiration from our newly planted garden in bloom and started to draw detailed tonal studies. These illustrations were then etched onto a slate.”

 “As ever, I have endeavoured to work the imagery around the fixtures and windows and have enjoyed constructing a giant puzzle made up of my drawings”

Engraved slates are available for bespoke commissions and can be engineered to exterior or interior spaces. Prices on request.

British Botanical Slate Tiles

British Botanical Slate Tiles